I received my copy last week and it has exceeded my already high expectations (in knowing how amazing these 2 ladies are). To hear firsthand the journey Fran and Marian are on, along with their family, is absolutely inspirational and it really makes you question how we make this life matter. It is beautiful book,Continue reading “Simone”


I had a choice this morning – do housework or read your book Cancer Agrees with Me, well your book won. I started out trying to read this from the prospective of someone who doesn’t know you and Marian, didn’t last long with the pair of you both talking to me at the same time.Continue reading “Geraldine”


Both you and Fran have done a great job on the book, yes I did shed a tear. Well done ladies, I can’t wait for the next book.


Downloaded the book. It’s funny, inspirational and given your sense of humour irreverent in places. I enjoyed it and I hope it will encourage me in softening the road if I encounter cancer myself or encouraging others. A great gift to give.