Cancer Agrees With Me

Our book, Cancer Agrees with Me, is now available to purchase!

“This book is dedicated to all those moving through the challenge of having been diagnosed terminal or otherwise in the name of cancer.
The dreaded ‘c’ word puts the fear of God into many, yet we hope this book will bring some light relief and encourage you to live your life to the best of your abilities whilst having treatment or resting at different stages.”

Frances Mary Kuthumi & Marian Douglas

Cancer Agrees with Me is available to purchase direct from Frances and Marian at a cost of $15 + postage. Please contact Fran to purchase your copy direct.
Also available to purchase online through Amazon, Booktopia and Book Depository.

10% of book proceeds are being donated to Cancer Council WA.

Reflection: Life goes on

Reflection: Life goes on regardless of what you tell yourself

Blessed Ones, we deliberate with you this moment as some of you are coming to the final act of your contribution on planet earth.

The curtain will fall as soon as the light dims to allow for the exit of the soul as it rises to meet those of Sovereignty who have come to show their respect for the many parts you played to its fullest.

A standing ovation shall you receive, for you are all playing your parts so well, in that there is much space to allow for the flow of light streaming in to shine wherever it is intended.

Some of you will leave this theatre and move onto greater playing fields in the universe to invite and allow your fullness to burst forth as rays of the Great Central Sun reaching far and wide in the cosmic galleries.

Many of you on leaving the play of life created by your magnificence shall go onto creating a huge musical for the Universal broadway that only takes those who are willing to transcend the ego, by not skimping or holding back on projecting the rays of Masterhood to all who pass by.

For those who are continuing the exploration of living life on planet earth, remember it is ok to adjust and contemplate change as it unfolds graciously. Relinquish your wants to control a different reality by holding onto negative thoughts as you are corrupting the flow of life that knows exactly where it needs to be.

The feelings that arise are the indicator or compass on where you may need healing, also inner inquiry is the way to having life reveal itself as it truly is. Spend time in communion with soul, know thyself and its soulful promptings. Don’t try to make things happen by willing them, allow the flow of universal life to be IT self.

If you are blaming others for the way a situation makes you feel, then cease and remember you set all this up with the help of those you may blame so as to have many insightful moments so as to view things differently, from a higher perspective than you are in now, which is a life dreamed up by the mind of ego.

Blessed ones, keep on dreaming having fun laughing as you go. Life is so very precious it needs nothing from the mind, however, the mind needs life to will its way through life’s play.

Just for a moment, reflect on the following and make changes to your script if you feel a call to.

Who has the leading role in your life? Does the light shine outwards from within? Are you the star in your own production? Are you in the audience witnessing your part in the play? How is it working out for you? Are you at the beck and call of another directors script? Are you jumping through hoops to please others, denying your own pleasure? How much have you invested in the reality of another person’s life? How much energy are you using trying to understand their way of thinking? What are you thinking? Is it in alignment with your star power?

Blessed children of the light, your reflection has a way of mirroring back to you what you are reflecting from within. Any insecurities that you try to hide will show up by way of others challenging you on what you believe about yourself and who you think you are, also limitations what is holding you back from shining your light fully at the moment..

We await your call for, we are in attendance to you all.


18th July 2019

Reflection: Showing Kindness

Reflection: Showing kindness in measure vs Neediness

Beloved hearts of the Great Central Sun,

It is with much love and compassion we move through you. Relax using the breath just for a moment, feel the expansion of your sacred heart rising expanding rays of light outwards to infuse all who cross your path.

We wish to speak with you on practical matters that relate to unworthiness through the measurement of acts through kindness, that many are still holding inwards hoping the door has closed on this issue, yet it is apparent in the reflections that look back at you through the eyes of a loved one that portrays your worth through their own perceptions.

. How many of you overcompensate your loving by doing and giving so much for a loved one, showering them with loving words, encouraging them, buying gifts stroking their ego mostly and whilst it appears they love this attention, is it returned in kind?

Why do you continue? could be neediness within you, a trigger point to belong, to not feel separated to feel valued.

There are those who use words to say I love you but do not show it through actions, and words are cheap unless feeling deeply or sincere and of course display of affections, doing acts of random kindness for your loved one goes a long way.

If you are always the one bringing the offering to the altar of your loved one and another takes and does not deposit in their life in any way is this a reflection looking back at you. Do you notice this and feel a little sad?

It is nice to give with love and nice to receive an acknowledgment that you matter, you are seen and heard loved in the bounty.

If you are working from a spiritual context, make sure you are not also confusing giving with kindness as unconditionally loving, sometimes NOT giving is unconditional love of a tougher kind and it is warranted.

So let us look at unworthiness: Why you over extend so much in your giving to a loved one going the extra mile to see a smile on your loved ones face. Could it be possible you are seeking validation that you are loved beyond limitations? And so may push the boundaries also of your loved one, offering advice when they have all the tools inside them, waiting for them to appreciate you more, and your loving gift as you view it is just taken for granted.

After doing so much for a loved one with no return you may even go through a state of grief like you are losing someone to you. The person you are losing is you by depending on their validation of your worthiness.

Your neediness to always extend by actions needs to be evaluated by inner inquiry and reflection to why you feel the need to do all the time. Your mind will justify that you should not expect anything back, and this is so when you have merged with your higher self, you do from a higher perspective when someone cannot do for themselves, you may step in, and of course, random acts of kindness are good for the soul.

However on a human level, it is different, you are learning about healthy boundaries, and self love in any transaction born through man, time to take stock.

Sometimes you have to step back, and allow someone to fall so low that they have to take the faltering steps themselves without your help, for only then will they appreciate the experience. If things are done to make someone a better person or feel good all the time, without their effort it is a lost cause.

Allow them their journey, start looking at your journey and what you are learning about yourself rather than the other person, for whom you will find so many things wrong, just look within to see what is triggering you also by the non-actions of a loved one.

Stay grounded with love for you, remember you are a walking altar of divinity, invite only the best to this altar, don’t let it be trashed in any way by another human who does not value the love that is on this altar.

Remain true to your higher self rather than the ego self.

You are kindness itself, not to be used to fill a need in you of validation is important, take note. Watch for triggers that rise and speak with your higher self to see what you need to address. The message or guidance may come from an external source outside, be ready to listen with your inner ear.

Healthy boundaries in play always, respecting the space you hold also to view the respect reflecting back as a sign of your inner respect of self. The signs are all there

Love is our bounty for you all, we are at your service whenever you call to us.

Elraya 4th July 2019

Reflection: Fire of the Sacred Heart

Beloved Souls,

Gather around the sacred heart and feel the fullness of ‘Its’ warmth.

Many of you at a certain time in your life may have gathered around a campfire, to sing, and share stories of old.

Now, you are invited ethereally to sit with the many higher aspects of self you have dreamed up, to sit in silence with no thought other than to shed the corporal body and mind, don your light body and just be.

You do not have to die of your body to do this, it is a gift inherent in you all, to bi-locate at the whisper of a thought. It will not be a bodily function as you know it, but a shedding of your garment that is weighted down in thought forms, limiting you and fragmenting your energy bodies.

It is here in a timeless and spaceless state that you will expand beyond man’s comprehensions.

As you sit with no mind on whether you are sensing or feeling a happening, the knowledge is so deep that what you focus upon will bring to the surface that which you truly desire to experience or to heal to allow for the alignment of all bodies.

Sit for the sake of been guided, always using the breath to steady any flow on from the mind, turn the dial up and listen to what the Collective Consciousness is sharing with you for the greater good of all.

Sitting in the sacred heart there are many aspects of your higher self-present. You may invite one to show up in a way that will help you to understand why you are doing or saying what you are whilst acting out a part in the play of life. This higher aspect of you will shed some light on the primary conditions of why you are here and the mission you are on.

The reasons many do not know their mission is because they are seeking from a human viewpoint, like asking a question but receiving an answer that is so simple that you balk at it, or believe you have not received because the answer is not complicated enough for all that you have moved through.

Sit in silence with the higher aspect of you and talk to this long lost companion that has never left you, for ‘It’ has walked every step with you, only at times, you went your own way or thought you did, to find the meaning to life. The meaning of life is ‘YOU’ walking in your finest glory.

Instead of heating up and roasting marshmallow and eating them around the fire, why not raise a toast to find your way home to the Sacred Heart where the fire is always burning.

One spark can ignite as an ember the fire within so many, go forth and light the fire of the Holy Spirit from within. it is not about preaching but sharing in a loving and human way that reflects the light of God.

Just be.



3rd July 2019

Stage Bravo

Dear House of Hearts,

Oh, What a beautiful world we are in attendance too. A world filled with Co-Creators, Movie Directors as per their own brilliance.

We are in attendance and overlooking all that you are vibrationally sending out (via thought processes), watching as it takes shape and moves into form to return to its sender.

How amazing it is, for those who have deliberately awakened at a certain moment in your timeline, to have revealed to you/them, the homecoming THAT IS, due to their wondrous realization that not all ‘was as it seemed’

Dear Hearts it is more and more. For now, we are taking great joy in joining you as you delight in the full discovery that all along you were co-creator of your own specific realities. And what a journey, what a show you have put on for us.

Dear Hearts it has been truly a wonderful joyous ride for us all, it was/is as if we have front row seats, best seats in the house as you would say, to see every nook and cranny of your play, from beginning to beginning to beginning, for there is no end.

We watched as you carefully designed each set for the many parts of your life’s play. So many series, some to be continued for another lifetime, and others came to its fullness and was complete.
There was, Drama, Horror, Murder, Thriller, Crime, Comedy, Romance, all played to its climax. Such a huge audience you had, and you were not aware of it, as you were blinded by the light on your person.

Some of you had center stage for so long, and every now and then you held back, stood in the wings afraid to venture out onto your world stage. The lightening experts never took the light off you, you just hid in the shadow until you had enough of the dark shadows.

It was in that fraction of time that we witnessed you questioning, ‘what, am I doing? Why am I still standing in my own shadow? Why do I not have center stage in my own play? Why am I, letting others direct me, to put me where they believed I should be? Why? So many questions raised in one moment of your life. it was as if you were having a life review…and what a review it was.

Dear hearts, you took back the reigns, you took back the script and decided it is time, you declared to your mind, that ‘I Am’ is the Director of your play, its time I had the lead, its time I was the Master of ceremonies, Master of my Universe, and so it is, we witnessed your shift.

Oh Dear Hearts if you only saw the standing ovation you received from where we sat, it was a crescendo of ‘Bravo’ Bravo’.

For every direct action, you are creating, it is a vibrational match for all of the actors or players to come join you, to step forward to help you co-create the supreme act of a lifetime.

It is with love and joy, we shall continue to respond to you, beaming to you a high voltage of energies to keep the light transparent as you go. No need to hide in the shadows for your light is permanent whilst the play you are performing in, is only temporary.

Bravo, Bravo, dear Heart, you are a superstar, a light shining onto the New World. For its in your brilliance shall you claim your Sovereignty?

We bid you well in ‘the House of Hearts’…What a wonderful name for your next play hmm??

Bravo elated ones, step forward to receive your award ❤


August 2018

Dear God

Good Morning God,

My heart is overflowing with love and ‘It’ is moving through me as I write.

What is it you would have me do today?

Listening to the silent voice that whispers, words are impressed on my higher mind.


Love thyself as you walk amongst men. In doing so you are loving all who cross your path whether they are aware or unaware, it matters not.

As you walk in stillness, you are stoking the embers of a fire that appears to be going out in many.

Loving words, encouragement are the logs you place upon the fire within the hearts of men.

It is not your journey to change another, it is your journey to empower and encourage just by being.

In doing that you are leaving those with free will to do or not, again it matters not.

What matters is your journey and that you are awareness itself. Anything else is the illusion.

Move in and out of worlds that give you the freedom to do, to be, and to return to that timeless state that stretches from here to eternity with no end, when you are ready to retire to stillness.

My dear child, one does not have to leave the earthly plain or the vehicle to be in that place of all knowing, all loving. It is your sovereignty your lineage of the Masculine and Feminine Christ Consciousness that is inherent in the matrix of the Hu-man.

There is no-thing to be sought outside of the matrix, for a play of sorts in dancing and wearing masks to elaborate the scene is in proportion to man’s will.

Lead by the heart in matter, and that which is in vibration to what is in your heart will come hither.

Ye a magnet, your thoughts are that which draws to you the challenges you are daring to experience, known or unknown to you in any moment, all in keeping for a brief lesson in compassion, understanding, and forgiveness.

Steady thyself as you move forward, set the stage for your experience, the players will find their spot on the stage of your life’s play. A play worthy of your inner turmoil of doubt, pain, suffering, love, and joy.

You, choose your entrance onto the stage of life, there is an audience that is a witness to such favor and will arrange a standing ovation of Bravo, O brave heart.

Blessings dear heart ❤

July 2018

Reflection: Spiritual Teachers

In our role as Spiritual teachers, we see so many who sound and look as if they have it all together spiritually.

All the right words are spoken, like detachment, freedom, love, spirit etc.

Whilst they talk these words in a context of relationships you will find there is an ulterior motive lurking beneath the surface. Boundaries have been set, and no one crosses the line. All is well

They want their freedom, justify why they cannot commit to another fully i.e. and are easily able to move forward in any relationship they are in. For it is their journey, their truth and their needs to be met.

What about the other half who may have dreams of a life that, in their mind represents a loving family orientated relationship, a close relationship of sharing, growing old together raising children etc. What happens when they join forces with another who has an opposite view completely.

Who forsakes their journey? who settles for second best in their life to please another? all the while pretending that all is well, when in essence it is not? Your soul is guiding you however you are not listening. You will be having feelings of sadness, loneliness, frustrations, then when fed a crumb you become high, forgoing the souls guidance and willing things to happen whether or not it is what you truly want.

Whilst we understand that everyone is in the right place and we draw to each other the person who suits the lessons or healing needed in this life, some don’t view it this way, but hope to change one or the other to their way of thinking to the life they want, creating confusion, heartache etc.

You cannot change another person who has solidified their position and truths in what they expect in their life, however you can change YOU, and move forward to attract to you the experience you wish to have if it is not going to be forthcoming from the relationship at hand .

Redeeming self to a point that you deserve the very best life has to offer to you and not settle for second best is of the upmost importance.

There are many levels of love, some give 100% commitment to themselves, only sharing space with another when the need or urge arises, and some accept another persons dream over their own, believing that this is love, its not..

Dream real, dream big. You are all walking teachers, and someone is watching you as their example (children) so make it good and wholesome not one of frustration tears and resentment.

More than anything be honest with yourself, people say all the right words that someone may want to hear but the vibration it carries calls it out as, untrue.

As Dr Maya Angelou said, when a person tells you something about themselves that is not in alignment with your needs, ‘BELIEVE’ them for they know themselves better.

The person may tell you ‘I am selfish, I look after me, I come No 1 in the relationship, and I can walk away without any feelings, then believe them’. Why allow another to control you or hold you in a certain head space.? Believe them and not be afraid to go forth and create the life you deserve. One of goodness, kindness, respect love and compassion. In saying all of this, You have to be all those things to you first and foremost..before it finds its way to you.

Wishing everyone well on the journey of self discovery.


Every once in a while we have a beautiful transition from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

It can happen with the birth of a baby, an animal, a plant, nature; even an idea can be born from a higher plane of thought.

How amazing is that connection/feeling? Sometimes words are not enough to express our eternal love and gratitude for that extraordinary happening.

It can fill and consume your being. It is en-light-enment.

I propose a toast to all those moments of magnificence, raising my soul in memory to the fullness, the wholeness of all that ‘I Am’.

Men and Women seek this connectedness in each other. It is Grace been poured upon us the moment we are fully immersed in the sanctity of love and its loving embrace.

Do you remember such a moment? Can you take yourself back there? Where you with someone special? Did something wonderful happen that life as you knew it then, stood still?

Something happens, in the physical it would be called magic, and out of this world experience and it is.

We actually leave our physical minds and connect once again to the amazing grace of our infinite habitat, and engage in the wonderment of pure love.

It is all consuming and fills every empty space we feel we have within us. We are full of love and light. It is as if we know all the answers to our life’s journey, the why and the form of it.

How wonderful would it be to be like this continually? Is it hard for you to connect to the Source of this creative power?

In any God given moment we can take ourselves there, blessed to connect to our core.

Intelligent life force moves through every cell of my being and, yours. The only difference is I recall these memories often, and partake of the feast of consuming love in all its brilliance.

All it takes for me, and maybe for you, is to allow yourself to recall a precious memory, a happening, or even a love song, to enable your heart to respond. When this happens, your soul dances and you sing its melody, it is laden with goodness. You are that super shining star that you look to in the galaxies.

You are such a miraculous embodiment of light that you forget to switch on and shine for the world to see.

The Universe is pulsating waiting to emerge with you in your brilliance, to enable a transformation that man cannot comprehend in its entirety ready and willing to take place.

Switch on dear fellow travellers;

we are ready and waiting to invite you on board the Mother ship of all that will take your through planes of healing, learning, to temples of the fellowship of Principle Council who await your Presence.

We salute you, as you connect.

New beginnings

Every Day is a new beginning. In your book of life, there are many blank pages ready for you to write your own storyline…

You can change whatever you will, by erasing any line that does not fit in with your journey of the day. Be mindful of what you think, say and do. Walk away from a situation that is calling you to react out of anger, resentment, and hate.

This will not become you.

Respond to your life in a harmonious way that balances out your book of life at the end of your day. Your book of life is your own personal diary. You know through experience that every now and then someone may take a sneak peak, so be consciousness of what you are writing in your book, make it something that you would not mind another reading.

Make it a very pleasing place to be (your heart), a place where you sit day in and day out with a part of you that is not visible, but felt.

‘Now’, is the only moment that matter’s? Don’t rest in the opinions of others; trust in your own ability to find solutions to issues you may be working through.

All is well, pay attention to your thoughts. Your thoughts filled with emotions are a magnet and in alignment with the laws of attraction. There are signposts all around, directing you, and if you are present in the moment you will find what it is you are seeking.

You may be wondering what you should do next, even fearful in case you make the wrong choice. Fear not, balance your book by reading your emotions, they will guide you. If you feel good, then it is so, if you feel apprehensive maybe you need to consider something else, if you feel bad, then you are completely off track needing to revise your strategy. Nothing can go wrong if you are paying attention to the signs.

The solution may have been so simple in the first place that you passed it by, due to the familiarity of making your life hard, always looking for a promise that is not binding.

You carry all the tools you need for your own individual journey this lifetime, so create what it is you wish to experience.

Enjoy every moment, for you cannot get it back or, take any words back that may be discharged in anger. There will be many chances for you to rectify any imbalances in your life.

Think positive, act accordingly and watch as you perform on stage as the leading star.

Life is good and wholesome; go forth and shine your light.