Reflection: Showing Kindness

Reflection: Showing kindness in measure vs Neediness Beloved hearts of the Great Central Sun, It is with much love and compassion we move through you. Relax using the breath just for a moment, feel the expansion of your sacred heart rising expanding rays of light outwards to infuse all who cross your path. We wishContinue reading “Reflection: Showing Kindness”

Reflection: Fire of the Sacred Heart

Beloved Souls, Gather around the sacred heart and feel the fullness of ‘Its’ warmth. Many of you at a certain time in your life may have gathered around a campfire, to sing, and share stories of old. Now, you are invited ethereally to sit with the many higher aspects of self you have dreamed up,Continue reading “Reflection: Fire of the Sacred Heart”

Reflection: Spiritual Teachers

In our role as Spiritual teachers, we see so many who sound and look as if they have it all together spiritually. All the right words are spoken, like detachment, freedom, love, spirit etc. Whilst they talk these words in a context of relationships you will find there is an ulterior motive lurking beneath theContinue reading “Reflection: Spiritual Teachers”