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Cancer Agrees with Me Book by Frances Mary Kuthumi and Marian Douglas Published by Elraya Press

What does one write about themselves? 

For us it will be very simple, as we are aware that the many parts we have played in this world over time have been labelled and in a way can restrict and limit us to achieving the highest version of our True self.

There is much ado on this page in that we are open to being in service to our fellow man in whatever capacity we are guided to spiritually.

Both of us are on stage, celebrating life whilst one is dancing with a label called ‘Cancer’..

May we have this dance…

As instruments of alternative healing, we facilitate and hold space for you to invite and allow healing on a cellular level to take place, from a place of safety and inner peace.

We are two sisters born in 1952/53, with only 11 months between us and so are called Irish twins, a label and just another part on the stage of life.

We are very good at reading each other, and intuitively sending each other messages when one or the other is in need.  We never get enough of each other,  and delight in our many moments together sharing, and give gratitude for how we have evolved in this lifetime.

Please take the time to read some of our inspirational writings, allow them to touch and inspire you to be a higher version of who you believe yourself to be.

If you would like some guidance spiritually or practically, please email us or leave a comment on our webpage.

Marian and Frances

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