Reflection: Life goes on

Reflection: Life goes on regardless of what you tell yourself

Blessed Ones, we deliberate with you this moment as some of you are coming to the final act of your contribution on planet earth.

The curtain will fall as soon as the light dims to allow for the exit of the soul as it rises to meet those of Sovereignty who have come to show their respect for the many parts you played to its fullest.

A standing ovation shall you receive, for you are all playing your parts so well, in that there is much space to allow for the flow of light streaming in to shine wherever it is intended.

Some of you will leave this theatre and move onto greater playing fields in the universe to invite and allow your fullness to burst forth as rays of the Great Central Sun reaching far and wide in the cosmic galleries.

Many of you on leaving the play of life created by your magnificence shall go onto creating a huge musical for the Universal broadway that only takes those who are willing to transcend the ego, by not skimping or holding back on projecting the rays of Masterhood to all who pass by.

For those who are continuing the exploration of living life on planet earth, remember it is ok to adjust and contemplate change as it unfolds graciously. Relinquish your wants to control a different reality by holding onto negative thoughts as you are corrupting the flow of life that knows exactly where it needs to be.

The feelings that arise are the indicator or compass on where you may need healing, also inner inquiry is the way to having life reveal itself as it truly is. Spend time in communion with soul, know thyself and its soulful promptings. Don’t try to make things happen by willing them, allow the flow of universal life to be IT self.

If you are blaming others for the way a situation makes you feel, then cease and remember you set all this up with the help of those you may blame so as to have many insightful moments so as to view things differently, from a higher perspective than you are in now, which is a life dreamed up by the mind of ego.

Blessed ones, keep on dreaming having fun laughing as you go. Life is so very precious it needs nothing from the mind, however, the mind needs life to will its way through life’s play.

Just for a moment, reflect on the following and make changes to your script if you feel a call to.

Who has the leading role in your life? Does the light shine outwards from within? Are you the star in your own production? Are you in the audience witnessing your part in the play? How is it working out for you? Are you at the beck and call of another directors script? Are you jumping through hoops to please others, denying your own pleasure? How much have you invested in the reality of another person’s life? How much energy are you using trying to understand their way of thinking? What are you thinking? Is it in alignment with your star power?

Blessed children of the light, your reflection has a way of mirroring back to you what you are reflecting from within. Any insecurities that you try to hide will show up by way of others challenging you on what you believe about yourself and who you think you are, also limitations what is holding you back from shining your light fully at the moment..

We await your call for, we are in attendance to you all.


18th July 2019

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