Reflection: Showing Kindness

Reflection: Showing kindness in measure vs Neediness

Beloved hearts of the Great Central Sun,

It is with much love and compassion we move through you. Relax using the breath just for a moment, feel the expansion of your sacred heart rising expanding rays of light outwards to infuse all who cross your path.

We wish to speak with you on practical matters that relate to unworthiness through the measurement of acts through kindness, that many are still holding inwards hoping the door has closed on this issue, yet it is apparent in the reflections that look back at you through the eyes of a loved one that portrays your worth through their own perceptions.

. How many of you overcompensate your loving by doing and giving so much for a loved one, showering them with loving words, encouraging them, buying gifts stroking their ego mostly and whilst it appears they love this attention, is it returned in kind?

Why do you continue? could be neediness within you, a trigger point to belong, to not feel separated to feel valued.

There are those who use words to say I love you but do not show it through actions, and words are cheap unless feeling deeply or sincere and of course display of affections, doing acts of random kindness for your loved one goes a long way.

If you are always the one bringing the offering to the altar of your loved one and another takes and does not deposit in their life in any way is this a reflection looking back at you. Do you notice this and feel a little sad?

It is nice to give with love and nice to receive an acknowledgment that you matter, you are seen and heard loved in the bounty.

If you are working from a spiritual context, make sure you are not also confusing giving with kindness as unconditionally loving, sometimes NOT giving is unconditional love of a tougher kind and it is warranted.

So let us look at unworthiness: Why you over extend so much in your giving to a loved one going the extra mile to see a smile on your loved ones face. Could it be possible you are seeking validation that you are loved beyond limitations? And so may push the boundaries also of your loved one, offering advice when they have all the tools inside them, waiting for them to appreciate you more, and your loving gift as you view it is just taken for granted.

After doing so much for a loved one with no return you may even go through a state of grief like you are losing someone to you. The person you are losing is you by depending on their validation of your worthiness.

Your neediness to always extend by actions needs to be evaluated by inner inquiry and reflection to why you feel the need to do all the time. Your mind will justify that you should not expect anything back, and this is so when you have merged with your higher self, you do from a higher perspective when someone cannot do for themselves, you may step in, and of course, random acts of kindness are good for the soul.

However on a human level, it is different, you are learning about healthy boundaries, and self love in any transaction born through man, time to take stock.

Sometimes you have to step back, and allow someone to fall so low that they have to take the faltering steps themselves without your help, for only then will they appreciate the experience. If things are done to make someone a better person or feel good all the time, without their effort it is a lost cause.

Allow them their journey, start looking at your journey and what you are learning about yourself rather than the other person, for whom you will find so many things wrong, just look within to see what is triggering you also by the non-actions of a loved one.

Stay grounded with love for you, remember you are a walking altar of divinity, invite only the best to this altar, don’t let it be trashed in any way by another human who does not value the love that is on this altar.

Remain true to your higher self rather than the ego self.

You are kindness itself, not to be used to fill a need in you of validation is important, take note. Watch for triggers that rise and speak with your higher self to see what you need to address. The message or guidance may come from an external source outside, be ready to listen with your inner ear.

Healthy boundaries in play always, respecting the space you hold also to view the respect reflecting back as a sign of your inner respect of self. The signs are all there

Love is our bounty for you all, we are at your service whenever you call to us.

Elraya 4th July 2019

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