Reflection: Fire of the Sacred Heart

Beloved Souls,

Gather around the sacred heart and feel the fullness of ‘Its’ warmth.

Many of you at a certain time in your life may have gathered around a campfire, to sing, and share stories of old.

Now, you are invited ethereally to sit with the many higher aspects of self you have dreamed up, to sit in silence with no thought other than to shed the corporal body and mind, don your light body and just be.

You do not have to die of your body to do this, it is a gift inherent in you all, to bi-locate at the whisper of a thought. It will not be a bodily function as you know it, but a shedding of your garment that is weighted down in thought forms, limiting you and fragmenting your energy bodies.

It is here in a timeless and spaceless state that you will expand beyond man’s comprehensions.

As you sit with no mind on whether you are sensing or feeling a happening, the knowledge is so deep that what you focus upon will bring to the surface that which you truly desire to experience or to heal to allow for the alignment of all bodies.

Sit for the sake of been guided, always using the breath to steady any flow on from the mind, turn the dial up and listen to what the Collective Consciousness is sharing with you for the greater good of all.

Sitting in the sacred heart there are many aspects of your higher self-present. You may invite one to show up in a way that will help you to understand why you are doing or saying what you are whilst acting out a part in the play of life. This higher aspect of you will shed some light on the primary conditions of why you are here and the mission you are on.

The reasons many do not know their mission is because they are seeking from a human viewpoint, like asking a question but receiving an answer that is so simple that you balk at it, or believe you have not received because the answer is not complicated enough for all that you have moved through.

Sit in silence with the higher aspect of you and talk to this long lost companion that has never left you, for ‘It’ has walked every step with you, only at times, you went your own way or thought you did, to find the meaning to life. The meaning of life is ‘YOU’ walking in your finest glory.

Instead of heating up and roasting marshmallow and eating them around the fire, why not raise a toast to find your way home to the Sacred Heart where the fire is always burning.

One spark can ignite as an ember the fire within so many, go forth and light the fire of the Holy Spirit from within. it is not about preaching but sharing in a loving and human way that reflects the light of God.

Just be.



3rd July 2019

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