Stage Bravo

Dear House of Hearts,

Oh, What a beautiful world we are in attendance too. A world filled with Co-Creators, Movie Directors as per their own brilliance.

We are in attendance and overlooking all that you are vibrationally sending out (via thought processes), watching as it takes shape and moves into form to return to its sender.

How amazing it is, for those who have deliberately awakened at a certain moment in your timeline, to have revealed to you/them, the homecoming THAT IS, due to their wondrous realization that not all ‘was as it seemed’

Dear Hearts it is more and more. For now, we are taking great joy in joining you as you delight in the full discovery that all along you were co-creator of your own specific realities. And what a journey, what a show you have put on for us.

Dear Hearts it has been truly a wonderful joyous ride for us all, it was/is as if we have front row seats, best seats in the house as you would say, to see every nook and cranny of your play, from beginning to beginning to beginning, for there is no end.

We watched as you carefully designed each set for the many parts of your life’s play. So many series, some to be continued for another lifetime, and others came to its fullness and was complete.
There was, Drama, Horror, Murder, Thriller, Crime, Comedy, Romance, all played to its climax. Such a huge audience you had, and you were not aware of it, as you were blinded by the light on your person.

Some of you had center stage for so long, and every now and then you held back, stood in the wings afraid to venture out onto your world stage. The lightening experts never took the light off you, you just hid in the shadow until you had enough of the dark shadows.

It was in that fraction of time that we witnessed you questioning, ‘what, am I doing? Why am I still standing in my own shadow? Why do I not have center stage in my own play? Why am I, letting others direct me, to put me where they believed I should be? Why? So many questions raised in one moment of your life. it was as if you were having a life review…and what a review it was.

Dear hearts, you took back the reigns, you took back the script and decided it is time, you declared to your mind, that ‘I Am’ is the Director of your play, its time I had the lead, its time I was the Master of ceremonies, Master of my Universe, and so it is, we witnessed your shift.

Oh Dear Hearts if you only saw the standing ovation you received from where we sat, it was a crescendo of ‘Bravo’ Bravo’.

For every direct action, you are creating, it is a vibrational match for all of the actors or players to come join you, to step forward to help you co-create the supreme act of a lifetime.

It is with love and joy, we shall continue to respond to you, beaming to you a high voltage of energies to keep the light transparent as you go. No need to hide in the shadows for your light is permanent whilst the play you are performing in, is only temporary.

Bravo, Bravo, dear Heart, you are a superstar, a light shining onto the New World. For its in your brilliance shall you claim your Sovereignty?

We bid you well in ‘the House of Hearts’…What a wonderful name for your next play hmm??

Bravo elated ones, step forward to receive your award ❤


August 2018

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