Dear God

Good Morning God,

My heart is overflowing with love and ‘It’ is moving through me as I write.

What is it you would have me do today?

Listening to the silent voice that whispers, words are impressed on my higher mind.


Love thyself as you walk amongst men. In doing so you are loving all who cross your path whether they are aware or unaware, it matters not.

As you walk in stillness, you are stoking the embers of a fire that appears to be going out in many.

Loving words, encouragement are the logs you place upon the fire within the hearts of men.

It is not your journey to change another, it is your journey to empower and encourage just by being.

In doing that you are leaving those with free will to do or not, again it matters not.

What matters is your journey and that you are awareness itself. Anything else is the illusion.

Move in and out of worlds that give you the freedom to do, to be, and to return to that timeless state that stretches from here to eternity with no end, when you are ready to retire to stillness.

My dear child, one does not have to leave the earthly plain or the vehicle to be in that place of all knowing, all loving. It is your sovereignty your lineage of the Masculine and Feminine Christ Consciousness that is inherent in the matrix of the Hu-man.

There is no-thing to be sought outside of the matrix, for a play of sorts in dancing and wearing masks to elaborate the scene is in proportion to man’s will.

Lead by the heart in matter, and that which is in vibration to what is in your heart will come hither.

Ye a magnet, your thoughts are that which draws to you the challenges you are daring to experience, known or unknown to you in any moment, all in keeping for a brief lesson in compassion, understanding, and forgiveness.

Steady thyself as you move forward, set the stage for your experience, the players will find their spot on the stage of your life’s play. A play worthy of your inner turmoil of doubt, pain, suffering, love, and joy.

You, choose your entrance onto the stage of life, there is an audience that is a witness to such favor and will arrange a standing ovation of Bravo, O brave heart.

Blessings dear heart ❤

July 2018

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