Reflection: Spiritual Teachers

In our role as Spiritual teachers, we see so many who sound and look as if they have it all together spiritually.

All the right words are spoken, like detachment, freedom, love, spirit etc.

Whilst they talk these words in a context of relationships you will find there is an ulterior motive lurking beneath the surface. Boundaries have been set, and no one crosses the line. All is well

They want their freedom, justify why they cannot commit to another fully i.e. and are easily able to move forward in any relationship they are in. For it is their journey, their truth and their needs to be met.

What about the other half who may have dreams of a life that, in their mind represents a loving family orientated relationship, a close relationship of sharing, growing old together raising children etc. What happens when they join forces with another who has an opposite view completely.

Who forsakes their journey? who settles for second best in their life to please another? all the while pretending that all is well, when in essence it is not? Your soul is guiding you however you are not listening. You will be having feelings of sadness, loneliness, frustrations, then when fed a crumb you become high, forgoing the souls guidance and willing things to happen whether or not it is what you truly want.

Whilst we understand that everyone is in the right place and we draw to each other the person who suits the lessons or healing needed in this life, some don’t view it this way, but hope to change one or the other to their way of thinking to the life they want, creating confusion, heartache etc.

You cannot change another person who has solidified their position and truths in what they expect in their life, however you can change YOU, and move forward to attract to you the experience you wish to have if it is not going to be forthcoming from the relationship at hand .

Redeeming self to a point that you deserve the very best life has to offer to you and not settle for second best is of the upmost importance.

There are many levels of love, some give 100% commitment to themselves, only sharing space with another when the need or urge arises, and some accept another persons dream over their own, believing that this is love, its not..

Dream real, dream big. You are all walking teachers, and someone is watching you as their example (children) so make it good and wholesome not one of frustration tears and resentment.

More than anything be honest with yourself, people say all the right words that someone may want to hear but the vibration it carries calls it out as, untrue.

As Dr Maya Angelou said, when a person tells you something about themselves that is not in alignment with your needs, ‘BELIEVE’ them for they know themselves better.

The person may tell you ‘I am selfish, I look after me, I come No 1 in the relationship, and I can walk away without any feelings, then believe them’. Why allow another to control you or hold you in a certain head space.? Believe them and not be afraid to go forth and create the life you deserve. One of goodness, kindness, respect love and compassion. In saying all of this, You have to be all those things to you first and foremost..before it finds its way to you.

Wishing everyone well on the journey of self discovery.

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