Every once in a while we have a beautiful transition from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

It can happen with the birth of a baby, an animal, a plant, nature; even an idea can be born from a higher plane of thought.

How amazing is that connection/feeling? Sometimes words are not enough to express our eternal love and gratitude for that extraordinary happening.

It can fill and consume your being. It is en-light-enment.

I propose a toast to all those moments of magnificence, raising my soul in memory to the fullness, the wholeness of all that ‘I Am’.

Men and Women seek this connectedness in each other. It is Grace been poured upon us the moment we are fully immersed in the sanctity of love and its loving embrace.

Do you remember such a moment? Can you take yourself back there? Where you with someone special? Did something wonderful happen that life as you knew it then, stood still?

Something happens, in the physical it would be called magic, and out of this world experience and it is.

We actually leave our physical minds and connect once again to the amazing grace of our infinite habitat, and engage in the wonderment of pure love.

It is all consuming and fills every empty space we feel we have within us. We are full of love and light. It is as if we know all the answers to our life’s journey, the why and the form of it.

How wonderful would it be to be like this continually? Is it hard for you to connect to the Source of this creative power?

In any God given moment we can take ourselves there, blessed to connect to our core.

Intelligent life force moves through every cell of my being and, yours. The only difference is I recall these memories often, and partake of the feast of consuming love in all its brilliance.

All it takes for me, and maybe for you, is to allow yourself to recall a precious memory, a happening, or even a love song, to enable your heart to respond. When this happens, your soul dances and you sing its melody, it is laden with goodness. You are that super shining star that you look to in the galaxies.

You are such a miraculous embodiment of light that you forget to switch on and shine for the world to see.

The Universe is pulsating waiting to emerge with you in your brilliance, to enable a transformation that man cannot comprehend in its entirety ready and willing to take place.

Switch on dear fellow travellers;

we are ready and waiting to invite you on board the Mother ship of all that will take your through planes of healing, learning, to temples of the fellowship of Principle Council who await your Presence.

We salute you, as you connect.

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