New beginnings

Every Day is a new beginning. In your book of life, there are many blank pages ready for you to write your own storyline…

You can change whatever you will, by erasing any line that does not fit in with your journey of the day. Be mindful of what you think, say and do. Walk away from a situation that is calling you to react out of anger, resentment, and hate.

This will not become you.

Respond to your life in a harmonious way that balances out your book of life at the end of your day. Your book of life is your own personal diary. You know through experience that every now and then someone may take a sneak peak, so be consciousness of what you are writing in your book, make it something that you would not mind another reading.

Make it a very pleasing place to be (your heart), a place where you sit day in and day out with a part of you that is not visible, but felt.

‘Now’, is the only moment that matter’s? Don’t rest in the opinions of others; trust in your own ability to find solutions to issues you may be working through.

All is well, pay attention to your thoughts. Your thoughts filled with emotions are a magnet and in alignment with the laws of attraction. There are signposts all around, directing you, and if you are present in the moment you will find what it is you are seeking.

You may be wondering what you should do next, even fearful in case you make the wrong choice. Fear not, balance your book by reading your emotions, they will guide you. If you feel good, then it is so, if you feel apprehensive maybe you need to consider something else, if you feel bad, then you are completely off track needing to revise your strategy. Nothing can go wrong if you are paying attention to the signs.

The solution may have been so simple in the first place that you passed it by, due to the familiarity of making your life hard, always looking for a promise that is not binding.

You carry all the tools you need for your own individual journey this lifetime, so create what it is you wish to experience.

Enjoy every moment, for you cannot get it back or, take any words back that may be discharged in anger. There will be many chances for you to rectify any imbalances in your life.

Think positive, act accordingly and watch as you perform on stage as the leading star.

Life is good and wholesome; go forth and shine your light.


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