Cancer Agrees with Me – available now

Join Frances Mary Kuthumi and Marian Douglas on this journey of transformation and transcendence, open your heart and receive the love that pours out from the pages of this book, to heal and inspire one to not give up hope, but to treasure every breath and give life your best shot.

“We pass this way once in any lifetime, so make it matter.”

Frances Mary Kuthumi & Marian Douglas
  • Cancer Agrees With Me

    September 4, 2019 by

    Our book, Cancer Agrees with Me, is now available to purchase! “This book is dedicated to all those moving through the challenge of having been diagnosed terminal or otherwise in the name of cancer. The dreaded ‘c’ word puts the fear of God into many, yet we hope this book will bring some light relief… Read more

  • Reflection: Life goes on

    July 18, 2019 by

    Reflection: Life goes on regardless of what you tell yourself Blessed Ones, we deliberate with you this moment as some of you are coming to the final act of your contribution on planet earth. The curtain will fall as soon as the light dims to allow for the exit of the soul as it rises… Read more

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